HALO is hiring an Administrative Assistant!

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Dear potential new HALO family member,

Thank you for applying for the Administrative Assistant position at HALO Project.  This position is held in high regard at HALO and serves as the foundation that keeps the organization running smoothly.  Before you apply, I wanted to give you some insight into the position and the culture at HALO.   The HALO culture is one of kindness, respect and very hard work.   At HALO, we keep our organizational stress low because the trauma stress we work with every day is so high.  To keep the organizational stress low, we offer flexibility, autonomy and a great deal of fun.  We have very little turn over at HALO because it is a fun and loving place to work.   Although we have a blast, we all work extremely hard.  We work hard to honor those we serve and the donors who give.  We take the responsibility of serving and healing very seriously.

This position is very active with a wide range of job duties.  The Administrative Assistant currently leads in prepping for our Trainings, managing Volunteers and Students, attending partner events in the community, prepping for our Programs, including Kid’s Club, and many other tasks.  Let’s just say you will never be bored.

The hours are currently from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm but can be moved from 9:00 to 5:00 if desired.  When we have trainings going on, the days can get even longer but we offset these days by taking time off the following week.  In addition, we have another administrative assistant that helps with all things.  There are times when you might be needed in the evening or on the weekend, but again we offset the time so you get time off the following week or when needed.  This would only be if we have an event or if we have an emergency and need a buddy for one of our programs.

As we interview, we are going to be looking for a kind and friendly demeanor, strong character for serving others, attention to detail and a person who is motivated to get tasks done without prompting.   We know we can teach how to do tasks so character is more important to us that experience.

As far as the salary goes, it is competitive in today’s non-profit market.  Due to such a small staff size, we do not offer health benefits.  There is however, a great deal of HALO swag!  Ha Ha!

If this sounds like a fun new adventure you would like to apply for, please fill out the application below.  We are looking to hire as soon as we find the right candidate.


Cindy R. Lee, LCSW

HALO Executive Director

Application for Administrative Assistant Position