HALO Project is overjoyed with excitement and gratitude to be chosen as the 2020 SWINE Week recipient! Edmond Memorial High School’s annual community service project, Swine Week, began in 1986 when a small group of student council members decided that they wanted to make a difference in their school and community. They decided to raise money for a little girl who was in need of a kidney transplant. The students approached the principal, who supported the endeavor and even agreed to kiss a pig if they reached their total of $2,000, and in which they did, Swine Week was born.
Now, 35 years later, the students at Edmond Memorial High School have raised over $7 million for charity. This year over 60 charities applied to be the recipient of the funds raised by these amazing students. HALO is pleased to announce that we were the chosen charity for 2020!

Although many of the amazing activities are scheduled for February and March, HALO has had the pleasure of working alongside these amazing Student Council Students for several weeks. Their professionalism and dedication to helping others is astonishing. They show no fear in raising money to save the lives of children and it is encouraging and energizing to watch. HALO will forever be expressing our gratitude to the students at Edmond Memorial High School.

For those of you who love HALO and desire to support our mission, now is the time to get involved. A donation to HALO during SWINE week not only save lives, but it sends the message to the students that their efforts and involvement are valuable. In addition to your donation make sure to sign up and support their amazing events. There is a golf tournament, 3 on 3 basketball, a Hog Jog and an AMAZING Auction!

Check out all the SWINE Week events and make sure to make your donation before March 12, 2020.

Learn more at https://www.swineweek.org/