The “Pause” Button is designed to give caregivers the space they need to do something for themselves each day without interruption!  Hooray!  It is an excellent way to also get some self-care time and recharge and refuel.  You can use it as private time to nap, read, talk with a friend, or be a part of a virtual support group.   The “Pause” button helps teach your children delayed gratification as well as the value and importance of your needs as a caregiver.  We have to model that we are important too!

All you have to do is print off the pause button sign, explain it to your children and then enjoy a moment of peace!  To ensure your success, follow the 7 Simple Tips below.

7 Simple Tips on How to Use the Pause Button with Success:

  1. Make sure you explain the concept to your children ahead of time or use the YouTube video of us explaining it to them for you!
  2. Allow them to have a “Pause” button if they want one.
  3. Try to meet their needs before you use “Pause” and after.
  4. Use “Pause” for short periods of time –maybe about an hour.
  5. When you put the “Pause” sign outside your door, also post the time you will be done with “Pause.”
  6. Define with them what types of emergencies allow for “Pause” to be interrupted.
  7. Leave a note pad outside your door so they can write down what they need from you rather than interrupting!

Your Welcome!