Join HALO Project therapist, Tara Moore, LCSW, as she reads Doggie Doesn’t Know “No!” by Cindy R. Lee.  This book helps you and your child understand the TBRI® concept of “Accepting No.”  Remember, any skill you desire to incorporate into your daily life with your child takes practice.  Teaching a child how to “accept no” can be challenging in the heat of the moment.  For your family’s success, have your child listen to the book, then explain the concept and importance of accepting no to your child.  Once you and your child understand the concept, it’s time to practice.  We have included three fun games we use at HALO to teach “accepting no.” Click here to download.  Remember, having fun as you and your child are learning and practicing is the most important part!  Tara even gives a few tips to parents at the end of the video!