Doggie Doesn’t Know “No!”




It is soooooo hard for children to accept “no!” Parents frequently experience whining, back-talk and defiance when they deny their child’s request. Children can learn to accept “no” smoothly by practicing and understanding the concept of “accepting no.” While living on his own, little stray Doggie was able to do whatever he pleased and was never told “no.” On a cold snowy day he was invited to live with a family in a warm cozy home. Doggie was told “no” many times as he learned the rules of the household! This darling book includes Parenting Tips for Parents and facilitates your child’s ability to understand the concept of “accepting no.” Doggie Doesn’t Know “No!” is one of eight children’s books written by Cindy R. Lee and is designed to teach concepts developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the Institute of Child Development. Proceeds donated to HALO Project and the Institute of Child Development.