TBRI® Training for Foster and Adoptive Caregivers

Thank you for your interest in attending the TBRI® Two Day Training for foster and adoptive families. This is a two-day training designed to provide you with an overview of TBRI® principles and how can begin to apply them in your own home. The training provides information on how the brain is impacted by trauma as well as information on attachment. You will learn the power of connection as well as the strategies needed to establish connection. The training provides information on the TBRI® Empowering principles which are designed to address what is needed to set your child up for success on a daily basis. Finally, you will learn a set of TBRI® Correcting strategies that will enable you to help teach your child how to respond in a variety of situations.

What is the cost to attend the training?
There is no cost for families to attend the training.

What time is the training?
TBRI® Two Day Training for Caregivers
8:30- 9:00 check in
9:00 – 4:30 Training

Where is the training held?
HALO Project Office
401 East Memorial Road, Suite 500/600
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

Do I need to bring my lunch?
Lunch, Snacks and Drinks are Provided

Are Foster Care Training Certificates Available?
Yes, we provide foster care certificates to those who attend.

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